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VU Student

VU is the place where you are what makes you unique.
Here are some qualities that make an ideal VU student

- Show a desire for excellence in Academics (Even beyond the   classroom)
- Are curious (About endless possibilities)
- Are diligent to pursue and see thing through
- Are willing to learn and explore
- Are a people person (Through good interpersonal skills and an ability   to work with others)
- Have a desire to contribute to community and society

Why choose VU?

VU Experience

The VU Experience fosters a climate for intentional collaboration between individuals and groups from diverse cultures and backgrounds. VU creates a diverse, inclusive community and environment where VU faculty, staff, students and parents, and alumni feel connected to one another by a common sense of purpose, pride, and spirit, and develop a distinctive ability to work, learn, lead and serve in diverse contexts.

Domain Expertise

VU’s primary educational goal is the cultivation of deep domain knowledge within each student’s chosen field. We believe that investing in all domains of our differentiated focus areas is essential to create intellectual capital to drive progress and achieve excellence.

Experiential Learning

Education is a process of living life and not just a preparation for future living. Through innovative approaches to teaching and learning, Vidyashilp University unleashes a potential to make education personalized, interconnected and seamless.

An Interdisciplinary Vidyashilp

At VU, our schools don’t function in silos but rather with an interdisciplinary dependence to create deep domain knowledge. We focus on a problem-solving approach and provide program choices across all four schools with a curriculum established in Data Science, Digital Business, Design Studies, Legal Studies and Liberal Arts.

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    When does the admission cycle in Vidyashilp begin?
    The admission cycle begins in early October. We recommend you to fill out our enquiry form to ensure that our academic counsellors are aware of your interest. They will get in touch with you and guide you through the application process.
    What documents are required along with application form?
    The university will require your transcripts from grade 10 and 11, as well as certificates of your extracurricular achievements, if any.
    Does Vidyashilp University offer scholarships?

    Yes, we offer a list of scholarships to students based on their merits or requirement.

    • Enabling Scholarship: To enable meritorious students who may be challenged with financial constraints to pursue education at Vidyashilp University.
    • Encouragement Scholarship: To encourage high-achieving all-rounders and differently-abled students to pursue education at Vidyashilp University
    • Merit Scholarship: To reward students with outstanding academic performance. Awarded at the time of admission to the 1st year of an academic program
    • Academic Performance Scholarship: To reward Vidyashilp University students for their academic performance during the program, i.e. from 2nd year onwards
    What are the selection criteria at Vidyashilp University?
    Does Vidyashilp offer assistance in availing education loan?
    Yes, we connect students with banks that offer education loans. Please fill out the enquiry form. Our counsellors will get in touch with you to help you with the loan.
    Do you offer scholarships for international students?
    Yes, we do offer scholarships for international students. We accept SAT scores & offer scholarships for top performers
    Is distance learning available for undergraduate programs?
    No, all of our undergraduate programs are full-time in nature and are conducted on-campus.
    Does Vidyashilp University require the SAT?
    The SAT is not a mandatory requirement for applying to Vidyashilp University. However, as a strong indicator of general reading, writing and mathematical skills, students are encouraged to take and submit their SAT scores
    Does a student stand a chance to join Vidyashilp University with low-scoring CET/SAT results?
    At Vidyashilp University, we assess the overall profile of an individual. We believe that a unidimensional approach that focusses solely on academics is not the best way to build a diversely talented student community. Having said that, we admit students based on their academic inclination, which we assess through our customized tests. Hence, we would encourage you to apply to our programs irrespective of your scores. We will schedule the Vidyashilp Test and take your application forward based on your results.
    What if a student fails to register for the selection rounds before the deadline?
    It is recommended that you adhere to the admission deadlines. However, you can fill out the enquiry form on our website. Our academic counsellors to get in touch with you at the earliest to assist you personally. We do consider late admissions on some occasions.
    How does the University's admission process work?
    Please follow the steps below to apply for a program at Vidyashilp University
    • Click on Apply Now
    • You will be directed to a registration page
    • Fill out your details
    • Take our customized career discovery quiz
    • Choose a program based on your interest and eligibility
    • We will review your application and get back to you
    • Attend an interview with our faculty
    • The final decision will be communicated to you over email
    How do I choose a program that is right for me?
    We have a unique career discover quiz, which is designed to test your aptitude. We strongly recommend you to pick a program based on the results of the quiz.
    What is distinctive about Vidyashilp University?
    Vidyashilp University redefines higher education. Our curriculum is focussed on interdisciplinary learning across new-age domains to encourage critical analysis. We ensure that our students are prepared to innovate robust solutions to real-world problems. Some of the features that stand out are:
    • 4-year honors with research programs to enable students to study abroad or obtain a direct entry into a Ph.D. program
    • Multiple major and minor combinations to develop interdisciplinary skills for numerous new-age career options
    • Faculty with rich experience in both academia and the industry Varied partnerships with extra-curricular organizations such as the Centre for Sporting Excellence, Taaqademy, Embassy Riding School, Lets Play Climbing, and others to ensure a unique student life experience off campus
    • Partnership with organizations such as Mu Sigma to present students with the opportunity to explore real world settings
    What are the benefits of choosing an honors with research program?
    Our 4-year honors with research programs adhere to NEP’s recommendations for undergraduate programs. This presents our students with the opportunity to study abroad or obtain a direct entry into a Ph.D. program.

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