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Bachelor of Design
(Communication Design)

The B Des Program at Vidyashilp University unfolds the canvas of Communication Design with six themes or tracks throughout the curriculum:

  1. Critical and Planetary Citizenship
  2. Analyzing and Interpreting Content
  3. Creating Content
  4. Design & Visuality Science
  5. Design & Visuality Methods
  6. Integrative Projects & Studios

The Integrative Design Project / Studio involves students taking on a substantive design challenge or opportunity from concept to final product / outcome, thus building up a significant portfolio. The B Des curriculum is built in a progressive manner, introducing the student to increasing degrees of complexity and sophistication in terms of ideas and problems, and correspondingly raising the level of challenge in the Integrative Design Studio / Projects successively.

Major:  Communication Design
Minor:  Data Science



Why VU for B.Des?

Exclusive focus on Communication Design

Vidyashilp University’s B.Des program in Communication Design is a new offering combining some of the classic elements of Graphics and Visual Communication Design along with new-age and future-oriented inputs in Digital Design and Content Creation. This would become a core qualification for creators seeking employment or entrepreneurship in the online media and content industry

Emphasis on research

The B.Des program at Vidyashilp University is distinctive from the courses offered at other B.Des colleges in Bangalore for its combined emphasis on the research and scholarly aspect, as on the practical and technical mastery. This means that both, academically-minded as well as practice-minded students can find this rewarding and fulfilling.

Interdisciplinary approach to Design

The minors of Marketing and Entrepreneurship are collaboratively offered by the School of Business Studies, Psychology by the School of Liberal Arts & Design Studies, and Data Science by the School of Computational and Data Sciences. Each Minor has a mandatory Integrative Project - to bring together the major and minor domains. This helps B.Des graduates understand the application of Communication Design, in-depth, in their chosen minor, which is different from other B.Des colleges in Bangalore.

Program Structure




University Core 18

  • Overview of Learning Methods
  • Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Design Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Academic and Business Writing
  • Indian Society and Culture/Performing Arts/Sports
  • Personality and Leadership Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Social Engagement Experience
Foundation General 14

  • English Language
  • Environment & Sustainability Awareness
  • Professional Ethics and Human Values
  • Basics of Data Analysis
  • Practice of Mindfulness
  • Foundation Seminar
Design Foundation 20

  • Representory & Exploratory Drawing
  • Story of Design, Communication & Media
  • Integrative Studio I - Design Thinking
  • Representation Tools & Techniques/Illustrating for Impact
  • Analysing & Visualising Data
  • Matching Content to Audience
  • Art and Media Appreciation
  • Integrative Studio II - Techniques
Major 56

Design Major - Communication Design
  • Deconstructing & Designing Communication
  • Introducing Narrative & Storytelling
  • Content, Cognition & Metrics
  • Understanding Identity
  • Information Architecture & Design
  • Advanced Narrative & Storytelling
  • Ideology, Rhetoric & Persuasion
  • Narrative & Influence
  • Environmental Design/Communication
  • Education & Empowerment
  • Communication, Democracy & Law/Justice
  • Designing for Engagement
  • Facilitating Community Voice
  • Navigating Pluriversality
  • Integrative Project III - Publication/Web design
  • Integrative Project IV - Exhibition/Museum Design
  • Integrative Project V - Marketing/Advocacy Campaign
  • Integrative Project VI - Education/Training Program Design
  • Integrative Project VII - Systemic/Behaviour Change Design
Specialization Tracks 20

A . User Experience (UX )Design
  1. Fundamentals of UX Design
  2. Research and Design Process Methods
  3. Digital Experience
  4. UX Design Project
  5. Service Design
  6. Design Ethnography
  7. Mobile UX
  8. Cognitive Psychology for Design
B . Design Research
  1. Tools and Techniques for Design Research
  2. Human Centred Design Methodologies
  3. Service Design
  4. Design Research Project
  5. Data Visualization for Design
  6. History of Modern Design
  7. Translation Design Research
  8. Design Ethnography
  9. Cognitive Psychology for Design
Minor / Open24

Data Science

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Data Science Project
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science for Psychologists
  • Data Science for Economics
  • Applications of Deep Learning


  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Indian Economy
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Development Economics
  • Behavioural Economics
  • International Economics


  • Principles of Business
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Services Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Product Management


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Development of Psychological Thought
  • Biological Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Integrative Practicum


  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Essentials of Business Management
  • Financial Economics
  • Financial Services
  • Blockchain for Financial Services
  • Minor Project
The student may prefer to a accrue the required credits (minimum 24) by choosing a variety of courses from the prescribed open courses. Typically, Open courses must be taken from domains other than the chosen Major. For example, students of B.Tech Design may take courses from domains such as Data Science, Psychology, etc.

Internship/Capstone Project 12

  1. Summer Training/Internship
  2. Capstone Project and Industry Internship

    Sample Careers

    • Graphic/Logo/Brand Designer
    • Visual Merchandising/Retail/Display/Packaging Designer
    • Corporate/Organizational Communications Designer
    • Content Creator/Marketer
    • Multimedia Illustrator/Artist
    • Digital Photo-Illustrator/Artist
    • Website Designer
    • Interaction (IX) Designer
    • User Interface (UI) Designer
    • Motion Designer/Animator/Video Creator
    • User Experience (UX) or Customer Experience (CX) Designer
    • Information Architect/Designer
    • Signage/Navigation/Wayfinding Designer
    • Exhibit/Museum Designer
    • Data Visualizer/Infographics Designer
    • Infographics Animator
    • Social Media Influencer
    • Game Designer
    • Digital Product/Application Designer

    Sample Internships

    Media / Journalism
  3. YourStory
  4. NewsLaundry

  5. Education
  6. Khabar Lahariya
  7. Careers 360
  8. Byju's
  9. Centre for Environmental Education (CEE)

  10. Research / Academics
  11. Mongabay-India
  12. Down To Earth (Magazine)
  13. Centre for Pastoralism

  14. Advertising / Marketing
  15. Afaqs!
  16. DesignUp
  17. Ogilvy Interactive

  18. Social Sector
  19. India Development Review (IDR)
  20. PARI (ruralindiaonline.org)
  21. Quest Alliance

  22. Corporate Communication
  23. Foundation for Ecological Security (FES)
  24. Azim Premji Foundation

  25. Tech Writing
  26. Mindtree (L&T)
  27. Tata Elxsi
  28. Eligibility

    National/State Boards

    10+2 pass (minimum 50%) from a recognised board


    IB Diploma or IB Certificate (minimum 24 points)

    A Level

    Minimum 3 subjects in the ‘A’ Level and 5 Passes in IGCSE/GCSE


    Applicants ranking in the merit list will be invited for a Personal Interview.

    Study at VU