The Ombudsperson at Vidyashilp University will take on the onus of making recommendations to students, faculty, staff, and the University leadership on matters that are referenced to his office. In addition to counseling complainants, the Ombudsperson will also advise them on resolving their issues through means within and outside the University. He will provide confidential counsel and guidance to the Vidyashilp community members as an external person with no conflict of interest.

Members of the Vidyashilp community are encouraged to connect with the Ombudsperson if an issue has not been satisfactorily resolved through the University's existing processes.

The Ombudsperson's primary responsibility is to promote the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. This includes offering a confidential and secure environment for individuals to voice their concerns related to harassment, inappropriate behavior, unprofessional conduct, abuse of power, termination of service, and restrictions on freedom of expression according to university policies. The Ombudsperson will guide both members of the University community and the institution in resolving such disputes.

Form for Appeal to Ombudsperson

Please complete this form and submit a signed copy in a sealed cover marked ‘Ombudsperson‘ to the Office of the Chancellor.
Submissions may be by hand or through courier

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