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Why Study Economics?

Economics has an application in our day-to-day lives and we believe that you must have experienced the same through the webinar. Read more about the Economics of growth and development in an article by Prof. Radhika Lobo.

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It is the best time to be a designer

Fresh-out-of-school designers are snapped up today by big established corporations as well as startups with equal eagerness and offered attractive starting salaries along with stock options or other perks. How did this happen?

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Demystifying Data Science

It's a known fact that data is everywhere and with so much data, one cannot decide what to use and leave. This is exactly where Data Science works!

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Digitization is the present and future of businesses

Today, Digital Business isn't just about using technology and automation. It's a fundamental shift in the way businesses create value for themselves and their customers.

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Being Mindful during COVID

COVID times have brought in new challenges such as the constant need to be safe, intense levels of claustrophobia, feelings of hopelessness and desperation creeping in. One of the ways one could overcome these challenges is by practising mindfulness.

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Design in a Digital World

Digitization is here to stay and that means the world is going to need top-class designers to visualize and build our digital experiences in the digital world that is going to become such an important aspect of our digital life.

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