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The evolutionary wave of Digital Business

Reinventing Business and Management Studies for a Digitized World

Student Speaks

Aastha We had a course called 'Problem-solving with Design Thinking', where we worked with people from different domains. This helped us understand how Design-thinking can be applied in AI. Aastha Basu Aditya I’m in the B.Tech. program focused on preparing us for the industry and think on our feet. Some courses focus on programming, others on creativity. Aditya Ravidas Angad My professors have been incredibly supportive, significantly increasing my domain knowledge. Students can engage in various club activities for extracurricular exposure. Angad Singhal Cassia Our classes are very interactive, and my economics professor connects the content to the real world. I chose Economics at VU as my ultimate aim is to work for the greater cause. Cassia Phulesha Kritika Psychology is an interesting subject, but studying at Vidyashilp University makes it more interesting. In Ethnography, we explored Malleshwaram to study its people and culture. Kritika Joshi Mahalaxmi I really like it here; the courses are well-structured. The faculty creates a welcoming class where learning goes beyond the board. Mahalaxmi Preksha B.Des in Communication Design is perfect if you are interested in communication and user experience design. The ambience, the social life, and the clubs are quite fun too. Preksha Ashar

The Study of

Digital Business

General Management
Startup Management
Digital Product Management
Digital Service Management
Financial Management



Understand economic principles and their applications within business context.

What could this mean?

You can analyze market trends and pricing strategies to develop a competitive business expansion plan.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani
Prof. Radhika Lobo

Understand and apply strategies to promote products and capture customer interest effectively.

What could this mean?

You can develop a comprehensive business strategy for launching a new product and creating a targeted digital marketing campaign to reach the intended audience.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani
Mr. Prabhakaran Balasubramanian

Analyze and interpret complex data to inform business decisions.

What could this mean?

You can use data analytics to optimize supply chain logistics within a retail company's operations.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani
Dr. N. Mehala

Focus on optimizing processes and managing resources efficiently within an organization.

What could this mean?

You can coordinate inventory management with sales and financial objectives to ensure cost-effective supply chain operations.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani

Gain insights into human behavior and its applications in areas such as marketing, management, and organizational behavior.

What could this mean?

You can utilize psychological principles to design consumer-friendly website interfaces that enhance user engagement and drive online sales.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani
Dr. Setu Havanur

Cultivate skills in creative problem-solving, applicable to areas like product development, branding, and user experience.

What could this mean?

You can craft a cohesive brand identity that aligns with the company's mission and values.

Our Faculty

Prof. Umesh S. Mahtani
Ms. Aparna Vinod

Sectors Where

You Can Drive

Consulting and services firms
Banking and insurance
Technology and IT organizations
New-age startups


  • Masters in any field of Business Studies, Digital Marketing, E-commerce Management, Digital Strategy, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, and other related fields
  • PhD Program
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